Pray the Mass! Workshops

Are you looking for ways to make going to Mass a more generating, inspiring, and enriching experience? Do you sometimes find it difficult to pray at Mass because of distractions? Do you wish you could connect Sunday Mass more closely to your life throughout the week? This series of workshops will explore the rich spirituality of the Mass and offer practical tips to help attendees get more out of every celebration of Mass.

Presented by Fr. Matthew Ernest, S.T.D., Director and Professor of Liturgy at Saint Joseph’s Seminary, Director of the Office of Liturgy for the Archdiocese of New York

Saturday, October 13, 10-11:30am – Finding the Hidden Treasures in Every Mass

Saturday, November 10, 10-11:30am – Spiritual Workouts to Get Fit for Mass

Saturday, January 26, 10-11:30am –  Listen Up!: God is Speaking to You at Mass

Saturday, April 6, 10-11:30am – Unlocking the Secrets of the Eucharistic Prayer

Saturday, May 11, 10-11:30am – Expanding Your Communion Consciousness

Location: St. Joseph’s Seminary, Yonkers

Registration fee: $10 (payable by cash or check at the door)

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“Reading Music 101” Workshop

Saturday, September 22, 10am-12pm

Saint Joseph’s Seminary

Do you have difficulty in following along when your parish introduces a new hymn? Are you a church musician who plays by ear only? This workshop will introduce attendees to basic music theory and ear training which will help them to better understand, read, and sing musical notation. Topics to be covered include:

  • Essential music theory for reading and singing modern music notation
  • Introduction to rhythm
  • Introduction to sight reading and ear training
  • Application of concepts in music for the Mass

    Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Donelson, DMA, Director and Professor of Sacred Music, Saint Joseph’s Seminary

    Registration fee: $10 (payable by cash or check at the door)

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Music for the Misal Romano Workshops

The first Spanish-language Roman Missal approved specifically for the United States has been published and may be used immediately.The Office of Liturgy, in consultation with the archdiocesan Music Commission, has assembled a list of recommended Mass settings in Spanish which will be introduced to parish musicians at the following bilingual workshops:

Saturday, October 27, 10am-12 noon, at Saint Mary’s Church, Wappingers Falls

Saturday, November 17, 10am-12 noon, at Saint Joseph’s Seminary

Presented by Dr. Jennifer Donelson, DMA, director and professor of music at Saint Joseph’s Seminary, and Heitor Caballero, assistant organist at Saint Mary’s Church in Norwalk, Connecticut

These workshops are being offered free of charge, but attendees are asked to register at the following link.

Música para el nuevo Misal Romano

El primer Misal Romano en español publicado y aprobado específicamente para los Estados Unidos ya está en vigencia.  El Misal RomanoTercera Edición será la edición en Español obligatoria en los Estados Unidos a partir del Primer Domingo de Adviento. La USCCB (Conferencia Episcopal de los Estados Unidos) ha indicado que todos las versiones musicales de la Misa deben usar los textos del nuevo Misal Romano a partir de la fecha de implementación, el 2 de Diciembre de 2018.  Esto significa que será necesario que algunas parroquias aprendan nuevos arreglos de Misas en español durante los próximos meses.

Para ayudar a las parroquias a aprender estas versiones musicales de la Misa, la Oficina de la Liturgia organizará dos talleres para músicos parroquiales. Los asistentes tendrán la oportunidad de aprender mas sobre el nuevo Misal Romano y de aprender a cantar nuevas versiones de la Misa en Español. Se invita a los músicos a traer instrumentos portátiles de acompañamiento (por ejemplo, guitarras) a estos talleres. Además, los participantes recibirán materiales y música que podrán compartir y distribuir en sus parroquias sin costo alguno.

Liderarán las presentaciones la Dra. Jennifer Donelson, D.M.A., directora y profesora de música sacra en el Seminario de San José, y Heitor Caballero, organista asociado de la Iglesia de Santa María en Norwalk, Connecticut.

Sábado 27 de octubre en la Iglesia de Santa María en Wappingers Falls

Sábado 17 de noviembre en el Seminario de San José en Yonkers

No hay tarifa para estos talleres, pero los asistentes deben registrarse en el sitio web de la Oficina de Liturgia.

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Singing at Mass for Deacons Workshop

Saturday, February 23, 10am-12pm

Saint Joseph’s Seminary

This workshop will introduce the deacon’s chants of the Mass and is designed both for novices as well as those with more experience.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Chanting the penitential act, gospel acclamations, gospel, intercessions, sign of peace, dismissal, Exsultet, and the Epiphany and Christmas proclamations
  • Basic vocal technique for good sound and confidence

Presenter: Dr. Jennifer Donelson, DMA, Professor and Director of Sacred Music, Saint Joseph’s Seminary

Registration fee: $10 (payable by check or cash at the door)

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