Summer Courses in Sacred Music 

Clergy, religious, and lay faithful are invited to attend two courses on sacred music this summer at Saint Joseph’s Seminary:

Principles of Sacred Music will be taught in a “hybrid” format, with an online component taking place from June 4-July 22 and two in-class sessions held on July 23 and 24 at Saint Joseph’s Seminary.

Principles of Chant will be offered entirely on the campus of Saint Joseph’s Seminary from July 25-28.

Both classes will be taught by Doctor Jennifer Donelson, associate professor and director of sacred music at the Seminary.

Tuition Rates

First-time students: $250 (audit)/$750 (3 credits)

Parish musicians: $500 (audit)/$750 (3 credits)

Others: $500 (audit)/$1500 (3 credits)

These courses are being offered in conjunction with the Saint Cecilia Academy for Pastoral Musicians, a four-course, fully accredited program offered through Saint Joseph’s Seminary in the field of liturgical music for the purpose of introducing musicians to the history, theology, and pastoral principles of liturgy and sacred music.

Registration for these summer music courses may be found at Saint Joseph’s Seminary website.


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