Course of Study

Introduction to Liturgy

Sacred Music: History, Principles, Liturgical Planning

Liturgical Year

Principles of Chant

1. At the conclusion of the course of study, a student who can also demonstrate musical proficiency will receive accreditation as a pastoral musician in the Archdiocese of New York.

a. Musical proficiency is determined via a written test in musical theory and aural skills at the time of application. At the conclusion of the course of study, a performance adjudication in a parish setting is also required for certification.

b. Those musicians who hold degrees in sacred or liturgical music or who have completed a similar course of study at another institution may also apply for accreditation.

        c. Students must hold a bachelor’s degree (not necessarily in music) in order to register for classes.

2. Musicians sponsored by their parish receive a substantial discount in tuition (50%).

a. Sponsorship is obtained via a written letter indicating that the applicant serves as a parish musician at the liturgies of that parish. The parish does not necessarily assist in covering the cost of tuition, although this is strongly encouraged.

b. The cost of tuition for each of the four courses associated with the St. Cecilia Academy is $750 (50% of the regular tuition of $1500). Those who are not enrolled in the St. Cecilia Academy, but who wish to take these courses, pay the full tuition amount.

c. Students may also wish to audit the courses at a rate of $500 per course.  Courses which are audited do not count towards accreditation.

3. Courses are fully accredited Masters Level Courses and may be used toward the pursuit of the Master of Arts Degree in Theology from St. Joseph’s Seminary.

a. Should a student in the St. Cecilia Academy wish to pursue a Masters degree at St. Joseph’s Seminary, the standard tuition rate ($1500 per course) applies to those courses that are not a part of the course of study of the St. Cecilia Academy.

4. Musicians may elect to take all or some of these courses. Only the entire course of study leads to accreditation.

a. The four-course program of the St. Cecilia Academy need not be completed in successive semesters.

5. Students who wish to enroll in the St. Cecilia Academy do so through the Office of Liturgy at no cost.  Registration and payment for courses occurs through St. Joseph’s Seminary.