How is the use of music modified during the Lenten Season?

During Lent, instruments should be played only to support the singing of the faithful, and instrumental pieces should not be performed.  This rule does not apply to Laetare Sunday, or to Solemnities and Feasts in Lent.

May the number of readings be reduced on Palm Sunday?

On Palm Sunday, it is strongly recommended that all three readings be used.  However, having in mind the character of the congregation, the priest may choose only one of the two readings before the Gospel, or if necessary, he may read only the account of the Passion, even in the shorter form.

May holy water fonts be  emptied during Lent?

No. In 2000, the Congregation for Divine Worship stated: “The fasting of Lent does not include fasting from sacramentals, such as the use of holy water.”