The USCCB’s Divine Worship Secretariat has announced the approval of a fourth brand of low-gluten Communion hosts for persons with celiac-sprue disease.  The Cavanagh Company of Greenville, Rhode Island manufactures low-gluten hosts that contain  .00042%  (4.2 parts-per-million) of gluten, and these hosts have been confirmed as valid matter for the Eucharist.  It should be noted that these hosts are significantly lower in gluten than previously-available and approved low gluten hosts, which range from between 20ppm to 162ppm of gluten per host.  The USCCB has indicated that all approved low-gluten hosts fall far below the recommended safe allowance of gluten for those who suffer from celiac-sprue disease.

Updated information on all distributors of approved low-gluten hosts and mustum may be accessed on the USCCB’s website.