The USCCB’s Divine Worship Committee recently announced a number of updates concerning the forthcoming publication of several newly translated liturgical books. These include the following: 

  • A revised English translation of the Rites for Ordination of Bishop, of Priests, and of Deacons has been approved by the USCCB and the Holy See and is available for purchase at the USCCB Bookstore. The obligatory implementation date for the new texts was set for the First Sunday of Advent, 2021. It is hoped that this new translation will be in place for a number of years, considering that several translations of these rites have been published in recent decades.
  • The USCCB approved a new translation of the Order of Penance at their June 2021 assembly, and this text has been sent to the Holy See for the requisite confirmatio. There are no significant changes made to the organization or content of the book, but the translation has been thoroughly revised. Of special note is a slight change to the formula for absolution, the details of which will be announced following the confirmation of the text by the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments [CDWDS].
  • The USCCB Secretariat recently completed revisions requested by the CDWDS to the USA Spanish version of the Book of Blessings (Bendicional) to conform to the arrangement of the English version of the text. These two texts have been sent to the Holy See and await confirmation. 
  • In November 2019, the bishops of the United States passed the revised English translation of the editio typica of the Order of Christian Initiation of Adults. At its November 2021 General Assembly, the bishops approved a special arrangement of this text and the Ritual de Iniciación Cristiana de Adultos so that the numbering will remain the same as the current USA edition. Additional changes found in the revised translation include the integration of texts which overlap with the Roman Missal, more specific terminology for those involved at various stages of the process (e.g., “catechumen” vs. “candidate for baptism”), and combined rites which make a clearer distinction between candidates and catechumens. These English and Spanish texts will now be sent to the Holy See for confirmatio and recognitio. It is expected that the new versions will be published and available to parishes by 2023. Relatedly, the US bishops also approved revised National Statutes for the Catechumenate in English and Spanish. These, too, must now receive approval by the CDWDS.
  • At its November General Assembly, the USCCB voted to approve the inscription of Saint Teresa of Calcutta [Kolkata] in the particular calendar for the (arch)dioceses of the United States as an optional memorial on September 5. (This memorial already appeared on the particular calendar for the Archdiocese of New York.) As well, a revised ICEL translation of Holy Communion and Worship of the Eucharistic Mystery Outside Mass for use in the (arch)dioceses of the United States was approved and will now be sent to the Holy See for confirmatio.